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Diesel repairs: everything you need to know

From excavating on a construction site to transporting cargo—whatever industry you’re operating in, broken down equipment and parts is never ideal. The longer you spend broken down and out of action, the more money your operation will lose. This is where the importance of efficient and prompt diesel repairs come into play.

Here at Truckmech Diesel Repairs, we are the specialists when it comes to diesel repairs and preventative maintenance. To help you develop a clearer understanding of some of the most common forms of heavy diesel issues and diesel repairs, our skilled team in Wingfield has compiled a helpful summary below.

Look out for oil problems

When a diesel truck isn’t moved for an extended period or it is only ever operated every now and then, it may become susceptible to oxidized oil. The term oxidized oil refers to what happens when air gets into the oil which leads to bubbles—this can then cause the oil to separate from the working surfaces of the truck or other heavy diesel equipment. Over time, this can mean that the engine will become damaged due to the metal being worn down because of a lack of lubrication—further diesel repairs will then be required.

Preventative maintenance

As previously discussed, every second spent broken down is essentially money wasted. Don’t wait until a problem occurs on the job which requires major diesel repairs—being proactive instead of reactive can potentially save you a lot of money in the long run. Ensure your trucks and other equipment are looked at regular by a skilled diesel mechanic and that preventative maintenance remains a priority.

How can Truckmech help with diesel repairs?

Based in Wingfield, the team at Truckmech is highly experienced with all forms of diesel repairs and preventative maintenance jobs. Providing both minor and major diesel repairs for various kinds of makes and models, our diesel mechanics use diagnostic and scanning equipment to ensure each repair is thorough and efficient. For more information on how Truckmech can assist with diesel repairs or any of our other services, please get in touch with us today on 1800 568 991.

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