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The difference between a diesel mechanic and a heavy diesel mechanic

The main difference between a diesel mechanic and a heavy diesel mechanic is the type of vehicles they work on. Diesel mechanics typically work on passenger cars and light trucks, while heavy diesel mechanics work on larger commercial vehicles such as buses and tractor-trailers. Heavy diesel mechanics also generally have more training and experience than diesel mechanics. If you need service or repairs for your commercial vehicle, it’s important to find a qualified heavy diesel mechanic.

Here’s what you should know about the differences between these two types of technicians.

How to know if you require a diesel mechanic

Diesel mechanics play an important role in keeping diesel-powered vehicles, such as cars, buses, and trucks, running smoothly. Repairing diesel engines requires specific skills and knowledge so diesel mechanics must receive specialised training to make the necessary repairs.

A diesel mechanic is trained to diagnose and make repairs on diesel vehicles, while a heavy diesel mechanic specialises in larger diesel engines. This includes working on motor homes, tractors, trailers, off-road equipment, construction machines, semi-trucks and long-haul trucks.

Qualified diesel mechanics can handle all types of diesel engine repairs; however specialised skills are required when working on larger diesel engines – a heavy diesel mechanic fills this need by having the most advanced knowledge in the field of diesel repairs.

How to know if I need a heavy diesel mechanic

Diesel mechanics specialise in performing diesel engine repairs, but what sets a heavy diesel mechanic apart from the ordinary? Heavy diesel mechanics focus on specialised repairs for large diesel engines—the kind of diesel engines typically used for construction equipment and agricultural machinery.

A diesel mechanic has the skills to diagnose and repair a variety of diesel-powered vehicles, but when you need specialists that can work with large diesel engines, a heavy diesel mechanic is who you will want to call.

Both types of mechanics are responsible for maintaining diesel engines

Diesel mechanics and heavy diesel mechanics both share the important responsibility of keeping diesel engines running consistently and properly. Both types of diesel mechanics must accurately diagnose engine problems, use specialised tools to repair diesel components, conduct routine inspections, test repaired parts to ensure the engines are functioning properly, and perform other duties to maintain diesel engines.

Diesel mechanic jobs may also involve replacing engine parts when appropriate or necessary. Heavy diesel mechanics additionally need knowledge about the computerized systems found on larger diesel-related parts of vehicles like tractors and construction machines. All in all, it is clear to see that diesel mechanics and heavy diesel mechanics play an integral role in keeping diesel engines running smoothly.

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