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The importance of keeping up with preventative maintenance

Preventative diesel servicing is an easy way to maintain safety and performance which makes sure your vehicle is kept on the road.

Regular truck maintenance can also ensure your business won’t grind to a halt by keeping systems healthy and finding any issues before they arise.

What’s involved in preventative diesel servicing?

Most regular truck maintenance and heavy vehicle servicing involves inspection and replacement of various parts, topping up fluids, testing systems and components to keep your business running effectively without too much time off road. Preventive diesel servicing can extend the life of the vehicle when performed regularly as well as make it easier to sell to potential buyers because logbooks are up to date.

Regular truck maintenance

Most preventative diesel servicing incorporates a checklist of items throughout the vehicle that need to be checked, cleaned, replaced, topped up or tested.

Interior: Depending on the type of vehicle and its role, some things may vary but generally warning lights and alarms will be checked along with the ignition system and lighting. Seats and seat belts will be checked along with any air conditioning and heating systems. Interior transmission and braking systems will be checked along with pedals, switches and indicators.

Systems: Electrical systems, air braking systems, braking systems, cooling systems and compressors will be checked and inspected for any issues like leaks and pressure in the lines. Everything you need to know about diesel repairs.

Tyres and wheels: As your truck is likely to have a number of wheels, that means a lot of inspections of tyre inflation, wear and tread, nuts, threads, caps, suspension, brake pads, wheel alignment, bearings, lubrication and axles for any damage, leaks or malfunction.

Engine: The engine is the most comprehensive part of any preventative diesel servicing and regular truck maintenance. All major components are checked such as the radiator and cooling system, the air intakes and filters, vibrations, air conditioning and water systems, belts and fluid levels, oil and filters, lubrication, hoses, wiring and ignition components.

Batteries: As part of any maintenance program, batteries should be checked and replaced when required to prevent a critical failure while on a job or during driving. Read more about essential parts to service for diesel trucks.

How much does servicing cost?

Depending on the type of vehicle and the range of service required, the cost will vary. A basic service for a small truck may be a few hundred dollars while major services on larger vehicles would venture into the thousands. Many interval services will come with some guide as to cost so the best thing to do is to arrange an estimate before you begin.

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