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Tips for reducing downtime on the job

Like in all industries, increasing productivity and minimising downtime is at the core of most operations. Unplanned downtime on a mining or construction project will lead to money lost—something any business wants to avoid.

To help you develop a clearer understanding of the ways downtime onsite can be reduced, particularly concerning diesel repairs, the specialists at Truckmech in Wingfield SA have compiled a helpful summary for you below.

Planned & unplanned downtime

Within sectors such as mining and construction, you are going to experience both planned and unplanned downtime. There is no avoiding breakdowns and even bad weather occurring on the job site which can lead to downtime. This is why planned downtime will generally get factored into most projects. Unfortunately, however, additional unplanned downtime will still occur from time to time. Thankfully, there are various practices which can be put in place to reduce this level of unplanned downtime.

Regular equipment maintenance

An essential part of reducing downtime on the job site is by ensuring all equipment and machinery is regularly serviced and maintained. Routine maintenance means that more serious diesel repairs can be avoided and it also provides an opportunity for issues to be picked up and fixed sooner rather than waiting until a breakdown occurs.

Backup trucks & equipment

It may seem obvious, but it’s extremely important that spare equipment and trucks are kept at the ready in case a breakdown occurs. This will mean that an operation can continue to run as normal while diesel repairs take place, reducing downtime and preventing excessive amounts of money from potentially being lost.

Get a professional on board

To avoid extended downtime, it’s a wise idea to have a team ready for when unexpected diesel repairs are required. Here at Truckmech in Wingfield, we are skilled and experienced in providing a full range of diesel repairs, maintenance and servicing. We cater our services to a full range of trucks and equipment in many industries.

Located in the Adelaide suburb of Wingfield, we provide diesel repairs throughout the surrounding SA regions. For more information, be sure to get in touch with our team today on 1800 568 991.

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