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Where to start when a truck breaks down on the job site

Breakdowns can happen for any number of reasons, for example, flat batteries or tyres, engine issues and fuel issues. Being prepared can help avoid breakdown situations, and knowing what to do if you break down can help keep you, your passengers, and other motorists safe.

If your job is based along with high-speed road environments such as highways and motorways, it is important to try to exit these environments and move as far away from traffic as possible as a first step.

Here at Truckmech, we provide a full range of diesel repairs, servicing and preventative maintenance. In addition to minor and major diesel repairs, we also offer trailer maintenance, earthmoving repairs, diagnostics and electrical repairs using the latest scanning and diagnostic tools. We even provide after-hours and breakdown services that get you back on the road in no time, no matter where you are.

Planning ahead for a truck breakdown

Ensure that you have contacts for truck emergency heavy haulage, tyre repair and breakdown servicing in your glovebox. You need to know whether it’s your company’s preference to organise this if you are able to contact them, however, you might break down at night and would then need to organise the breakdown services yourself. Know whether you are allowed to attempt certain types of repairs or whether you must wait for assistance.

You will need appropriate personal protective equipment and other safety gear ready in your truck. The absolute minimum is a high visibility jacket, a torch and two emergency triangles. It’s recommended to also have a blanket and some tools.

If your truck breaks down on the job site or on the road

Indicate in the direction you need to move. Don’t use your hazard warning lights yet because you will confuse motorists following you. Move your truck off the road or into a clearing on your job site as much as you can. Unless it’s brake failure, you might be able to coast or limp along until you see a suitable parking space; if it is brake failure then you need to use engine braking to bring your truck to a stop safely as soon as possible. Once you have stopped, put your hazard warning lights on and remember to turn off your high beam lights if you are parking at night.

If your breakdown has caused a serious hazard back along the road, e.g. a tyre has delaminated or you have dropped a load of fluid that will be dangerous (especially to motorcyclists) call 000 immediately and then contact your dispatcher, the company you are working for, or a trusted mechanic.

Backed by years of industry experience, our team at Truckmech is fully-qualified diesel mechanics and can provide reliable repair services for heavy vehicles of all makes and models. Conveniently based in the Adelaide suburb of Wingfield, we are here to assist our clients in the surrounding areas. Call us on 1800 568 991 or contact us online here for more information.

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