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How scanning and diagnostic tools assist with truck repairs

Using a truck diagnostic scan to identify any issues or faults can save a lot of time and money during servicing or general truck repairs.

Scan tools have been a great technological advancement for the automotive repair industry as they display fault codes and can operate wirelessly from the vehicle to diagnose systems issues.

Truck diagnostic scan tools are designed to work on various vehicle systems such as the engine, transmission and braking components.

How does a truck diagnostic scan work?

An expert diesel mechanic with the skills to interpret the data that scan tools provide will attach the truck diagnostic scan device to the vehicle’s onboard port or via bluetooth and depending on the test the engine may be started or not. The vehicle will then provide codes for any issues that have arisen within the systems of the vehicle. The scan tools are designed to store any error codes created by the vehicle before the mechanic uses them to interpret the data.

Using data to fix the problem

Many error codes from a truck diagnostic scan will be common to specialist mechanics and easily fixed. Others may need more research with the manufacturer. Once the problem is identified, it can be sorted. The reason to get expert help is because a lot of the time the codes aren’t related to a specific faulty part but a symptom of a wider problem that requires further investigation. It then becomes a process of elimination trying to work out what the issue may be. Sometimes it’s as easy as a “check engine” light appearing on the dashboard and some dodgy wiring to repair, other times it’s more serious and labour intensive. It’s a must to keep up with preventative diesel maintenance.

How much are scan tools?

It’s not something you would buy yourself unless you are an expert mechanic because even if you found out the error codes you need to know what to do with them. The truck diagnostic scan tools give professionals some added help when completing your regular servicing or truck repairs. You can purchase basic scanning models for a few hundred dollars but like everything, cheaper usually means it doesn’t have as many features or abilities as something more expensive. Professional systems with larger screens and more diagnostic tools can run into the thousands but are not something an amateur mechanic would need. They are a part of professional workshops.

So start your journey by using the services of a highly skilled professional team to keep your vehicle fleet operating at optimal performance. Truckmech has the expert mechanics in diesel repairs and uses the latest technology to diagnose issues before repairing, maintaining or servicing. Call us today on 1800 568 991 to have a chat about your next service.

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